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We’re Dot, and events support and management service in South Wales and the Cotswolds

Croeso! We’re Dot Events. Dot events was founded in March of 2020, right at the start of the UK wide lockdown, Probably not the best time to start an events service we hear you say. Well theres more to it than that! We were originally called 21a events, we started as a hire service for parties and student events. As we moved into helping create festivals, Sam thought it was time to change the name and branding to reflect that. Dot events, provides Management, Safety, Consultancy and Technical production services to events in and around the Cotswolds and Swansea.

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Who can’t wait to sing their heart out to Mr Brightside in a packed bar again?

Event Management and Consultancy

Building an event is like building a house, you start at the foundations, create the shell, add the infrastructure, make it look pretty and welcome people in!

Student Events

Going Out? or Going Out Out? Student events are fundamental to the student lifestyle. Sam our founder is a student, and loves nothing more than going to a good student event. Whether you’re going out or going out out, dot can help you create a pretty fun night.

Technical Production

Whether you are planning a party, or you’re putting on a show, we’re on hand to help with Sound, Lighting an AV

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Event Promotion and online services

From creating websites to help promote your event, to selling tickets from our box office

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