Hey... We're Dot Events

Dot events were founded in 2020 during the Corona Virus pandemic (probably not the best time to start an events service!), originally known as 21a events which were started while Sam the founder was still at Secondary School in 2015.
The founder Sam has always had a keen interest in the events sector, especially within the entertainment events sector. He has worked at events since leaving primary school, starting with helping out a local dance school to going in to do mobile discos and then onto helping create and run festivals. Along with events, Sam is also a bit of an environmentalist, audiophile and loves anything to do with computers. Sam, completed 2 apprenticeships within the marketing sector, however, has always had a keen interest in events. He has utilised his experiences from the apprenticeships within the events sector helping to both run and organise events. Dot events was founded by Sam in 2020 along with a few close friends.
In late 2019, Sam successfully secured a place to study Events and International festivals management in Swansea starting in September 2020.


That’s Me!

Not the one in the Bear costume! I’m the un-photogenic one in the high vis! I have always had a passion and interest in the events sector, and helped out at my first event at the ripe old age of 7! There was a local music event going on in our village, of which my parents were running the bar. I can remember, it was quite a lot past my bedtime and I was going around collecting empty glasses! 13 Years later, I have helped to support many events, from event management to technical production roles and loved every moment of it!

Sam is a member oft he NTIA and the Institute of Hospitality