Just a little way to get help in awkward situations

Who is Angela?

Angela is anyone who works in a venue or at an event, it may be Leah the Security Guard, Terry the Sound Guy or Lisha the Bar Manager.

When can i ask for Angela?

If you are feeling uncomfortable, in an awkward situation you want to get out of, simply ask for Angela. So, if you go on a date, but the person does not turn out to be who you thought it was, ask for Angela.

What does Angela do?

If you ask to see Angela, the staff member will take you to a place in the venue, be it the kitchen and ask you if you are okay, and what you want. You will be given options of what You want to do. Angela may call a taxi for you to get you home safe, or help you get the help you need. Throughout the whole process, Angela is there to help you, and you will be in control at all times.

Will they call the Police?

Yes, and No! If there is a concern for your well fare, then Angela will get the police involved. But this will be your decision

Where is Angela?

Not all venues and events participate, if your venue participates, then posters are usually located in toilet cubicles. Ask for Angela was created by Hayley Child the Substance Misuse Strategy Coordinator for Lincolnshire County Council.