If you have lost something at an event that we’re managing the lost property for, this policy will take effect. 

When we receive lost property

When a lost item is bought back to event control or reported to event staff, the event staff will log the item in. The item will then be subject to search, this is for the below purposes:

  • The item does not expire in heat such as food
  • The item will not harm anyone
  • The item is not illegal or against the events allowed items policy.

The item will then be logged for re-uniting its owner.


If an item contains contact information for its owner, we may use this to contact its owner to inform them that it is been found. 


When collecting an item of lost property, you will be asked to describe the item. If its a bag or container you may be asked to describe its contents. Our team will check the lost property inventory and let you know if the item has been returned. You will then be asked to provide some form of identification, this could be a driving licence or bank card with your name on it. In the case it is a mobile phone, we may ask you for the login password or to call the device.

Following that, you will be asked to sign a release form.


Dot events nor the event will be held liable for any item of lost property, We will not be held liable for any damage or missing items from lost items. 

How long we hold lost items for

Most lost items will be held for 30 after the event, after this time the lost property will be handed off to charity shops or be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Lost ID or bank cards

If you have lost your ID, we may not be able to return this to you unless you can prove you are the owner. You can do this using an official document and one other form of ID. Both forms of ID must either contain an image of you or contain an Address. If you have lost a bank card or wallet we will require 2 forms of ID to prove you are are the owner. Personally, identifiable information will be destroyed or returned to the ID vendor for disposal the day after the event finished. 


We will search for any lost bag that is returned to the lost property office, this is to ensure that the items in the bag will remain safe and to ensure items will not perish. We may also search for a bag to check if there is any information that can help us locate the owner. if a bag contains perishable items, we may dispose of these for safety reasons.

2 person policy

At all times two members of the event crew will be present when an item is searched, one person will usually be a senior member of staff. If any items found cause concern, security will be notified. 

When items are returned, usually 2 members of the event team will be present.